A message from Trevor Farnes

“Nearly 10 years ago, my own family was facing this scary reality. Coming home to an empty pantry, my wife and I wondered every day how we were going to feed our children. Since that struggle, I have been blessed with the opportunity to build a business that sells nutritional supplements, supports my family, and helps to feed other children who go home hungry.

Our mission at MTN OPS is to improve the lives of individuals and families in everything we do. My personal struggle to feed my family, our mission at MTN OPS, and our love of God inspired us to do our part to help feed others throughout the world with this private initiative, Operation Conquer Hunger. Operation Conquer Hunger was funded completely by MTN OPS until 2019 when we invited a few businesses with shared values and goals to join in our efforts as Operation Conquer Hunger partners.

Since the inception of Operation Conquer Hunger, we have donated close to one million meals worldwide. Locally, MTN OPS donates enough to create 6,500 pantry packs, or 32,500 meals, quarterly. While this number is great, we want to do more and would like to partner with like-minded companies that also desire to provide food to children in need.

If you feel your organization or you as an individual would like to learn more or be involved we would greatly appreciate any opportunity to Conquer Hunger together, one meal, one child, at a time.”

Trevor Farnes | MTN OPS President